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The LayTOOLS development team does not underestimate your design task or expect that you cut corners. It does aim to provide the latest in design flows and EDA tool advancements for analog and mixed signal IC design. Their mission is to take your creativity and capture it in a form that can meet production requirements head on, allowing you to achieve a successful first pass - that is, within specification, on time, and on budget! Important though an array of software features may be, design tool quality is not measured by such characteristics alone, but by the result that can be generated. The software must be stable, robust and fast; it must be flexible and rich in features that enable accurate but unencumbered design entry.

Ultimately software quality is measurable by the quality of the IC's it develops, and LayTOOLS applications stand proudly on the successes achieved by designers using them worldwide. Whether it is a full-chip tape-out design or a challenging IP sub-block design, LayTOOLS delivers your implemented concept correct the first time with performance, integrity, and industry-standard format deliverables.

An important aspect of software quality is the standard of support. For users who opt for the maintenance package, there is a commitment to regular upgrades, a determination to provide immediate reaction to software "quirks", and a fast response to technical questions and requests for advice. You are not on your own - there is a team behind you doing what is necessary to ensure that your designs can be developed in the most optimum fashion.

Apart from optimal functionality and support, an encouraging measure of software quality is evident from the repeat business, testimonials, referrals, and overall customer satisfaction which the LayTOOLS development and sales teams enjoy. This is the quiet anchor that keeps the companies focused, yet motivates then to enhance the software, and encourages them to maintain the principle that no corners are cut.

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