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IC Design Software Updates


The LayTOOLS design flow can run optionally under the control of a top-level design manager. This allows the user to continue with a "point solution", using individual LayTOOLS applications as he wishes, or under a "project solution" in which all the parameters and data of a given project may be united under a single framework which manages the applications for the user. The introduction of this product coincided with major enhancements to both the layout editor and schematic entry application software packages.


A new command to enter wire buses has been included. The bus entity is fully supported throughout the LayTOOLS Suite (export, verification, etc.).


To complete the design flow, a comprehensive high-end simulation tool has been linked to LayTOOLS. Fully integrated into the LayTOOLS suite and available directly from matricus is LaySIM, with the renowned SMASH kernel (either as a device-level simulator, or as a mixed-mode simulator). Interfaces to various other simulator options are also available in LayTOOLS , including Agilent's Advanced Design System (ADS) for rf designers, SymSPICE from Symica, and Legend's MSIM device-level simulator (on the Pacific Rim). The Agilent simulator product must be purchased directly from Agilent.


The LayTOOLS schematic capture application LayCIR (originally named SPE) has been extensively enhanced and rewritten under the latest Qt release (allowing common a cross-platform application and UI framework). The original and familiar design entry approach used by SPE (issue a command then select) has still been retained as an option, but the more commonly accepted approach adopted used when LayCIR was first introduced (select then issue a command) is now also available. LayCIR is fully compatible with LayFRAME.


LayTOOLS verification software LayVER is under continuous enhancement and now has further updates to significantly reduce run-times and increase maximum database size. Database sizes of more than 100,000,000 extracted devices are now possible!

A Pattern Density  module will allow the user to inspect a visual display of the pattern density of a given layer over a complete IC design.


Customers can run LayTOOLS successfully under Windows Vistaand Windows 7and on 64-bit system. Of course,  LayTOOLS also runs under Linux.

License Management

LayTOOLS now runs under the Reprise License Manager (RLM license manager) which not only provides license management based on the Media Access Control address (MAC address) but provides greater flexibility than the hardware key approach previously used. RLM may also be configured to access a hardlock key. The Aladdin-based license schemes used earlier are still supported.


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