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Business Approach

LayTOOLS, the brand, was developed to empower the talents and creativity of the IC Designer while keeping pace with the speed of innovation. It is not the objective of LayTOOLS applications to replace the functions of the engineers, rather to enhance them. Focused on the speed of the design activity, data organization, scope and technology, LayTOOLS helps the technical 'artist' create accurate designs for production faster and better than before. LayTOOLS does not limit size, scope, or flair, rather it gives order and flow to the creative design cycle. In order to offer such advantages to a wide engineering base, a flexible approach is offered to acquire the software.

Purchase vs. Lease

LayTOOLS is sold as an asset with a perpetual license that can be maintained annually with a simple service agreement. The software has been developed so that you are free of burdens - we believe it defines your route to creativity and enables your IP development, so it should be your tool set. Thus, in this business model there is the opportunity to feel the direct benefit of the fully depreciable asset at year end. For those who wish to use the tool for a short-term project however, it can be made available under a lease arrangement, and for start-up enterprises, a lease-purchase approach is available.

The various applications which comprise the LayTOOLS suite are made available in commonly used "bundles" or as individual  packages to match your need.


After LayTOOLS is provided to you, you are not left on your own. matricus (in concert with TexEDA Design GmbH in the European market)  will make sure that you, the new software owner, get everything you expected and more, both from the software suite itself and from the supporting services.

Other Services

matricus not only makes the software available but is also a full service IC Design firm that can also help you with complex IC Designs. Their work will use the same tools and is guaranteed to complement your past, present and future IP's. Just call matricus inc. if time or technology presents challenge that needs experienced support. Your success is our success whether we serve you in the role of software support or as a contracted vendor (visit or send mail for further information).
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