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Database Utilities


The principal LayTOOLS applications are serviced by a range of utilities, tools, and support products. These include comprehensive database management tools (DbxMAN and LayFRAME), as well as tools to provide direct operating system access to layout databases, and conversion between data formats. Customized verification run-decks, design kits and parameterized cell libraries are also available.

Utilities and Tools

library access tools
a set of tools that provides operating system level commands for database access. The functions include copying groups between libraries, renaming, creating, and deleting groups, flattening group hierarchy, purging groups to remove older versions, renaming layers within a library, and changing library resolution

library properties tools
operating system level commands may be used to change layout database resolution or unlock databases if they are incorrectly closed after a system malfunction

layout database format conversion tools
LayTOOLS databases maybe created from or converted to other formats including GDS2, CIF, DXF and Gerber.

net-list conversion tools
LayTOOLS net-lists may be created from files in other formats including HSpice and PSpice

run-deck conversion tools
LayVER run-decks may be developed from those written to target other industry standard verification programs, for example CalibreTM

diagnostic tools are provided to assist the on-site analysis of a customer configuration

LayCON (layout database format conversion tool)
standalone DBX to CIF format conversion

CaliLay (run-deck conversion tool)
standalone CalibreTM to LayVER format conversion

LayDRAC (run-deck conversion tool)
standalone DRACULATM to LAYVER format conversion

LayDIVA (run-deck conversion tool)
standalone DIVATM to LayVER format conversion

plotting facility for PostscriptTM or native WindowsTM-based plotters and printers

run-decks can be developed and made available for a number of technologies at a range of foundries. These would be delivered in encrypted format so that foundry information is protected but can be read by the LayVER program
(see also Verification Decks )

cell libraries can be made available for a number of technologies at a range of foundries. They include a rich set of cell functions and configurable I/O’s, and can be made compatible with LayPAR (see also Libraries)
PGroup libraries
libraries  of PGroups (parameterized layout generation templates) are available
process design kits (PDK's)  for specific technologies are available  (to include PGroup library, run-decks, working environment, etc.). PDK's are generally offered for use under LayFRAME ('Project Mode').
LayED screen example showing GDS import to LayED internal format (DBX)
GDS2 export


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