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LayTOOLS Overview

LayTOOLS is a custom integrated circuit design software suite (IC design software) optimized for complex analog, digital, and mixed-signal IC development. The suite includes applications for schematic capture, simulation, physical layout design, physical database verification, automated place and route, as well as data conversion tools and other utilities.

LayTOOLS is intuitively organized, efficient, easy to learn, and is ideal for serious deep sub-micron IC design. Industry-standard interface formats are provided for compatibility with other database design systems and fabrication processes.

LayTOOLS products can be made available in a number of configurations to match your design style demands and at an attractive price, yet they include all the sophisticated features you would expect in any high-end tools.

LayTOOLScan be used in ome of two modes, namely:

Point Solution

in this mode each LayTOOLS application can be configured and used independently, that is, launched independent of any other application in the suite. This allows the user considerable flexibility and scope.

Project Solution

in this mode and under the LayFRAME database manager, the appropriate LayTOOLS application will be launched as required and the database of each application will be synchronized to that of other LayTOOLS databases.. The LayFRAME manager organizes the user's databases in a defined but easily identifiable manner, and automatically links such utilities as verification run-decks on a project basis. In this mode, a common 'technology database' will be used as reference data. This fixed data can be referenced by any number of different projects (often referred to as a PDK - process design kit)

LayEd Screen Example

LayTOOLS Characteristics

No matter what the database size, LayTOOLS provides a robust environment in which to develop analog, mixed-signal, digital IC’s – the limit is defined by your imagination.

LayTOOLS is loaded with productive features to enable efficient design. Features include schematic-driven layout, parametric groups, cross-probing, on-line DRC, and library locking.

LayTOOLS supports industry-standard databases and formats, (GDS2, CIF, DXF, GERBER, HSpice, PSpice, and EDIF) and integrates easily with existing foundry and design requirements.

LayTOOLS offers a rich palette of features with outstanding performance at an unexpectedly attractive price.

LayTOOLS has been the IC design tool for many companies for a quarter of a century. Not only is it proven but it is being continually enhanced to accommodate the emerging demands of technology advances.

LayTOOLS is supported by matricus IC design engineers who understand the demands on such products and the issues faced by users. Training is available on request.

LayTOOLS is offered with a perpetual license, but is regularly updated, extended, and enhanced for those who wish to take advantage of on-going maintenance arrangements. Lease arrangements may also be discussed.


LayTOOLS System Details

PC System Requirements

Minimum performance (not recommended)

32-bit PC computer AT/486 or above
Processor: 90 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Hard Drive: 2 GB
Video Card: SVGA 800x600
256 Colors

• Reasonable Performance

32-bit PC computer AT/486 or above
Processor: 2 GHz
RAM: > 1 GB
Hard-Drive: 40 GB
Video Card: XVGA 1280 x 1024
True Color (32-bit) or better

Good Performance (recommended )

64-bit PC computer Intel i7 Quad core
Processor: > 2.8 GHz
RAM: > 8 GB
Hard-Drive: > 500 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA Quadro K1100M (mobile workstation)
True Color (32-bit) or better

Supported Operating Systems
All applications run on:
MS-WINDOWSTM 98/NT / 2000/ME / XP / VISTA / Windows7
RedHat Linux 7.3, 8.0 (C-Shell), SUSE Linux (C-Shell)
UNIX - Sun Solaris (C-Shell)

Licensing Options
RLM license manager (single user or network, using as a key the MAC address, userid, or a hardlock address)
Aladdin license manager (uses a hardlock for single user or network)

The initial year’s maintenance is included in the purchase price. Thereafter, the maintenance cost per year is 15% of the listed purchase price at the time of renewal for each module.

Support is available from matricus from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST/CDT Monday-Friday via e-mail or telephone. Support that requires investigation by the software developer may take longer. Training is available on-line, in Flower Mound (near Dallas), or on the customer’s site. Please call for price details.

One year of maintenance and support is provided free of charge with each purchase.


LayTOOLS Program Details

The following lists the individual modules available as part of the LayTOOLS software.

Database Management
LayFRAME "Project Solution" Framework LayED, LayCIR, LayVER database manager
DbxMAN"Point Solution"  LayED database library manager allowing direct access and editing of database file parameters.
Layout Editing
Viewer for the formats DBX, GDS2, DXF (2D), CIF as well as LayVER verification results.
Graphical layout editor, basic version (includes Online DRC,  DXF (2D) GDS2 export and import, and LayVER interface.
Format conversion tool from and to CIF (Caltech Intermediate Form).
LayED-Base with LayCON 
LayED Base with parameterized groups and SDLE interface to LayCIR or SPE (LayCIR or SPE purchase required).
Physical Verification
Stand-alone tool with layer operations and conversion utilities (no DRC, nodal, or device extraction, or LVS/SVS).
LayVER-OP with DRC option, node extraction, and command file conversion (no device extraction or LVS/SVS) 
LayVER software with all features and command file conversion utilities.
Schematic Capture
Schematic Editor without simulation interfaces
LayCir-Base with a single simulator interface
Schematic Probe environment - point solution schematic editor (included with LayCIR-Base).
LaySIM-ASMASH kernel device-level simulator with Verilog-A, waveform viewer, and accuracy GUI
LaySIM-LMSLaySIM-A with Verilog-HDL and Verilog-AMS
LaySIM-devSMASH kernel device-level simulator interface
Interface to a given simulator (MSIM, SymSPICE, Agilent ADS, SiMetrix)
Place and Route
Basic Stand-alone Place and Route tool. Three-layer routing.
Command File
Converters and Plotting

Plot program for LayVER, plots on any PostscriptTM or native WindowsTM-based printer or plotter.
CalibreTM to LayVER rules file conversion
DIVATM to LayVER rules file conversion tool.
DRACULATM to LayVER rules file conversion tool.
Conversion tool from and to GERBER RS-274X.
Program Bundles 
LayED-Full, LayVER-Full, LayPLOT, DbxMAN, LayFRAME

































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