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A PGroup is the template design of a group (cell) based on certain physical or electrical parameters, such that when the user changes any of default parameter values, a revised layout will result reflecting the new value.

The PGroup is written in the LayED command procedure language, which provides a comprehensive set of procedures as well as functions (mathematical, string, etc.) general programming features (numeric variables, text variables, operators, assignments, etc.) and flow control statements (for, if, etc.). Within the command procedure, LayED commands may be included, thereby allowing he development of complex layout generation modules, customizable for the specific requirement of any instantiation.

Pgroups can be written for a range of different purposes, however, the most common is to create templates for the generation of primitive devices (transistors, resistors, etc.) and simple groups. 

The collage below shows an assortment of instantiated PGroups with different dimensions. One of those instantiated is about to be modified.


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