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IC Design Software

Meeting the IC Design Challenge

LayTOOLS IC Design software by TexEDA Design Inc. is a professional-grade IC development tool set. It has been continually extended and enhanced over the past fifteen years so that it continues to meet the demands of the marketplace head on. LayTOOLS has given the IC Designer the latitude to be creative no matter what the specifications of IC size or functionality may be. No Limits! Creativity without Bounds! Designer Empowerment!

Maintaining currently applicable functionality, providing an intuitive interface, and offering a flexibility that allows creativity remain the goals of LayTOOLS IC design tools today. The tools are designed to complement the IC designer rather than attempt to replace their innovative skills. Advances in technology will continue to deliver challenges far greater than many of us can imagine, but the LayTOOLS development team is committed to addressing the demands as they are presented.

The LayTOOLS IC design software keeps pace with today's design expectations while offering the creative enterprise a design portal of the future.

What is your next big IC development challenge:

  • ninety nanometers or below?
  • an IC with 20 million devices or more?
  • a complex mixed signal design with many imported IP blocks?
  • a challenging analog design on an elaborate technology?

Empower yourself! Take LayTOOLS IC design tools for a ride! Once you have reviewed the product descriptions, go to Downloads to start the process. 

Latest Company and Software News
 Module now available for the graphical display of Pattern Density


 LayMPW released -Multi-project Wafer assembly software
 Multi-processor support for LayVER
LayED includes unique bus drawing command
 LayFRAME, an advanced design manager framework released


LaySIM and LayCIR products released (simulator and advanced schematic editor)


LayTOOLS is now compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows 64-bit systems


 LayTOOLS now uses RLM license manager as well as Aladdin licensing




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